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Curriculum Specialist Consultant
To order The Great Big P or talk to teachers who are using The Great Big P, contact Judy Robinson Fried at The price for one Great Pig P is $99. The Great Big P is 46 inches tall and light weight (made out of soft unbreakable foam) so the students can easily lift and rotate it. It comes in sky blue and black. The Great Big P comes with a sturdy wooden stand.
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Created by Judy Robinson Fried
p with stand
By helping pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, and first grade students to differentiate between the letters b, d, p, and q, the Great Big P is an outstanding tool for helping students to master the four letters that most often confuse children. Students who confuse the b and d and the p and q quickly learn the positions of each of the four letters as they lift and rotate The GREAT Big P. The Great Big P is also beneficial for children with dyslexia.
lifting the P
Stand designed by William Otero